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Fresh & Clean Rolling Chassis

Hello VeeDub ReDub enthusiasts! We're excited to bring you another update on our quest to combine the classic Beetle with modern Mk7 GTI components. In this progress report, we're highlighting our latest achievement: the completion of the rolling chassis, which closely resembles how the VeeDub ReDub would look when it rolls off the trailer and into your garage!

After our initial "drive" experience, we disassembled the prototype down to the floor pan and frame. We sent these parts to a powder coating shop, opting for a heavy silver finish on the chassis and gloss black for the control arms. Once the parts returned, the reassembly process moved along smoothly. The result is striking parked beside an old Beetle chassis.

The rolling chassis gives you an idea of what to expect when the VeeDub ReDub arrives at your doorstep. The chassis is assembled, the suspension is installed and aligned, and the brakes are mounted and bled. It's ready for a GTI donor's powertrain and accessories, as well as a Beetle body with fenders and other exterior components.

We're genuinely pleased with the progress we've made on our VeeDub ReDub project and appreciate your continued support and interest. Stay tuned for more updates as we work towards creating a unique and captivating driving experience for you to enjoy!

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