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Revealing the Paint Scheme

We're stoked to finally pull back the curtain and reveal the fresh paint scheme we've chosen for the VeeDub ReDub prototype! Our goal was to find a balance - something that would grab attention and hint at the car's racing spirit, without tipping into excessive flamboyance. Importantly, we wanted a design that left space for decals to complete the car's livery.

Our journey began in the digital world, where we roughed out our initial vision in Photoshop. This allowed us to play around with various configurations and colors, eventually landing on a design that captured what we had in mind.

The real fun started when we transferred the Photoshop concept into reality, marking out the design directly onto the Beetle's body. There was something satisfying about physically taping up the car, and watching the vision we'd spent time tweaking on a computer screen start to take form in the real world. The design morphed slightly as we worked, but stayed true to the concept of our original Photoshop mockup.

With the tape in place, it was time for the next stage. We carefully masked off everything except for the blue stripes, then applied the first layer of vibrant blue paint. Once it dried, we masked over the blue and revealed the sections that needed black paint. We sprayed the black and then had to play the waiting game.

The next day the wait was over and we started peeling off the tape, paper, and plastic to reveal the car. The final design is exactly what we were going for. Now it just needs some decals to finish off the livery.

And because I can't help myself from sharing more, here's our Photoshop mock up of the livery with decals.

Stay tuned for the next steps, where we add the finishing touches and fully unveil the VeeDub ReDub in all its glory. We can't wait to share it with you!

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