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Pre-Order a VeeDub ReDub Platform

Thank you for your interest in the VeeDub ReDub! As our product is truly unlike any before it, we believe it's essential to establish clear communication and expectations with our valued customers.

That's why we're handling pre-orders on a one-to-one basis, allowing us to address any questions you may have and ensure you have all the information you need about our innovative product.

Note: At this time, we are only accepting pre-orders for customers within the continental United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska).

Before submitting your pre-order, please review the Project Scope & Requirements document along with the Contents List to read about the components and responsibilities involved in the build process.


Read them here: 

VeeDub ReDub Project Scope & Requirements

VeeDub ReDub Contents List

Quick Facts
Green Light Special (pre-order discount)
Final Price
10% Deposit (refundable)
Delivery Date Estimate
6 months

Order Form

Please provide your contact information below, and our team will reach out to discuss the details of your order. Once you've submitted the form, we'll work together to create your pre-order invoice and guide you through the next steps for a seamless and satisfying experience.

Your $1,299.50 deposit will be due after we produce your pre-order invoice. The remaining balance will be due upon completion of your VeeDub ReDub product at our facility.

Thanks for submitting!

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