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VeeDub ReDub Pre-Orders Are Now


VeeDub ReDub platform right front corner

Exclusive Pre-Order Savings

Green Light Special

The flag is waving, and it's time to hit the gas! Be among the first to own a VeeDub ReDub by pre-ordering now, and enjoy an exclusive $1,500 discount off the MSRP. Don't miss this unique opportunity to secure your spot on the starting grid!

$14,495 MSRP

10% deposit to lock in your pre-order

Pre-Order Information

We're excited for the upcoming launch of the VeeDub ReDub platform, the first of many innovative platforms for enthusiasts to build something that stands out from the crowd. We have big plans for the VeeDub ReDub and future platforms.

Pre-order now to secure your spot when manufacturing begins later this year. By pre-ordering, you're also supporting our mission to revolutionize restoration and customization.

Keep in mind that the final design and specifications may change as development progresses. We'll keep you informed of any updates.


Find more details on the VeeDub ReDub platform in the sections below.

What We Will Provide

Upon production later this year, you'll receive our VeeDub ReDub platform, which will enable you to create a unique, modern version of the classic VW Beetle. 

Roller Chassis

The fully assembled chassis will be ready to roll off the trailer and into your garage.

Temporary tires or dollies will be used to make the chassis easier to work with.

Engine Accessories

We'll supply essential engine accessories, including components for the intake, exhaust, and cooling systems, to streamline your custom Beetle build. 


We'll save you time and effort by adjusting the suspension and bleeding the brakes before the chassis leaves our shop.

Contents List

This list is subject to change as we develop the VeeDub ReDub prototypes but it will give you a good idea of what we intend to include.

Fully Assembled Chassis

Constructed of DOM steel tubing and laser cut steel panels.

Powder coated satin black or silver.

Rear subframe installed.


Fully Assembled and Adjusted Suspension

DOM steel tube control arms.

Single adjustable QA1 coilovers.

Moog outer ball joints.

Spherical rod ends.

Steering rack with tie rods.

Adjustable front sway bar.

Fully Assembled and Bled Brake System

Disc brakes on all four corners

Brake master cylinder

Custom brake pedal and mount

Formed steel brake lines

Stainless braided hoses

Fuel System

Surge tank for use with GTI fuel pump

Mounts and hardware

Fuel lines, fittings, clamps

Cooling System

Mount structure for GTI radiator and intercooler

Fiberglass shroud

Radiator hoses

Clamps, splices and other hardware

Intake/Turbo Plumbing

Aluminum pipes

Silicone elbows


Mounts and hardware

Exhaust System

Exhaust system with chambered muffler

Mounts and hardware


Mount for GTI accelerator pedal

Engine cover for interior of Beetle

What Will Not Be Included

The VeeDub ReDub is just a starting point for your Beetle build. This means there are items you'll need to bring to the party yourself.

Classic Beetle

Your VeeDub ReDub project will need a donor Beetle. You won't be using the chassis, suspension or powertrain so focus on getting a Beetle that has a clean body.

VW GTI Donor

The VeeDub ReDub platform is designed to use the powertrain and electrical system from the Mk7 GTI with the DSG transmission. It is easiest to source this from a wrecked GTI on Copart or IAAI.

Restoration Items

You'll finish your Beetle build with many of the standard restoration items like seats, hardware, interior, paint, tires, and wheels. We're focused on producing platforms so you'll source these yourself.

Compatibility Info

Once we get rolling with the Beetle version of the VeeDub ReDub platform we will continue developing the platform to work with many other vehicles. For now, we will only recommend our platform for the classic Beetle.

Compatibility List

Swing-axle Beetles

Prototype #1 is being built with a 1965 swing-axle equipped Beetle so the swing-axle Beetle will be immediately confirmed as being compatible.


IRS Beetles

Prototype #2 will be built with a 1969 IRS equipped Beetle. We do not see any major compatibility issues between the swing-axle and IRS VeeDub ReDub platform.


Super Beetles

Prototype #3 will be built with a MacPherson strut equipped Super Beetle to determine compatibility. We do not expect many changes will need to be made for the Super Beetle.

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