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  • Can any Beetle body fit on the VeeDub Redub Platform?
    At the moment, our focus is on the standard Beetle body but we do plan to make adjustments to also fit the Super Beetle body. We will be exploring other classic VW bodies in the future as well.
  • Does the VeeDub Redub Platform include an engine and transmission?
    The VeeDub Redub Platform does not include and engine and transmission. You will need to obtain this equipment along with the wiring harness, computers, accelerator pedal and a few other items from a donor 2015-2021 Volkswagen GTI with the DSG option. You can use the 6 speed or 7 speed DSG transmission. We do not support the manual transmission. At this time, no other engines or transmissions are guaranteed to fit. Using a different engine or transmission will require custom work after the platform has been delivered to you.
  • Will my car be registered as a Beetle?
    This depends on which state you are in. You'll need to check with your state DMV. An alternative to registering the car as a Beetle is to register it as an assembled vehicle (also known as a hobby vehicle in some states). Your VeeDub Redub Platform will come with a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO) to prove ownership. If you end up registering your car as an assembled vehicle, you'll need the MCO, application documents and inspection reports. The documents and inspection requirements vary by state so it is best to refer to the SEMA Tag and Title Toolbox to see the requirements and registration steps in your state.
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