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Solidworks render of the VeeDub ReDub with red wheels

Our Chassis is Your Spring Board

No need for a sprawling workshop or a multi-million subscriber YouTube channel. Our comprehensive and easy-to-use chassis empowers you to create a head-turning, turbocharged mid-engine Beetle right in your own home garage. 

Engine Swaps and Car Transformations Aren't Just for YouTubers Anymore

What's in a VeeDub ReDub Build?

The Equation is Simple

ReDub Chassis + Mk7 GTI Parts + Classic Beetle Body

Step 1 - Order a VeeDub ReDub Chassis

First you'll want to get your order placed for a VeeDub ReDub chassis. Once your order is in the system, you'll be in line to get a chassis.

Our VeeDub ReDub platform is delivered as a roller with all of the suspension and brakes assembled, aligned and bled.

You'll still need to install the drivetrain, body, interior and exterior but our rolling chassis will jumpstart your build.
VeeDub ReDub platform right front corner

Step 2 - Obtain and Strip Mk7 GTI Donor

You'll need to buy and strip a Mk7 Golf GTI donor car to get the all important powertrain along with electrical equipment, steering column and more.

You can use our donor buying guide to find your own donor or reach out to us and we'll assist you in your donor search.

Step 3 - Obtain Beetle Body & Exterior Parts

To finish your build, you'll need the body from a classic Beetle along with the hood, deck lid, doors, windows and other finishing touches.

The VeeDub ReDub is wider than the stock Beetle so you'll also need flared or wider fenders than stock.

You will not need the chassis, suspension, engine or transmission so do not worry about the condition of those items.

Adding all of this together gives you a Beetle like no other.

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