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Donor Buying Guide

Your Roadmap to Selecting the Perfect Donor

Finding the right GTI donor is the first step in your VeeDub ReDub journey. This guide will point you towards the year model and trims, key factors to consider, and where to locate your perfect donor. 

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Mk7 GTI Donor Requirements

Our VeeDub ReDub platform has been engineered to integrate with one specific donor: the Mk7 GTI.


If you're considering using a different donor, be prepared to adapt our platform to work with your equipment, including but not limited to motor mounts, axles, gear selector, steering column, fuel pump, intake, and exhaust system.

Year Models: 2015 - 2021


Mk7 GTIs were produced from 2015 to 2021. These are the only confirmed donors for your VeeDub ReDub build. GTIs from other production years haven't been confirmed for compatibility.

Transmission: DSG Only

To simplify the build process and to make the best performing platform possible, we've chosen only to support the DSG transmission. This is the quickest plug-and-play option and will outperform the manual transmission in all scenarios, especially with Stage 2 or higher tunes.

For those of you who are keen on using a manual GTI donor, please be aware that fitment to the ReDub platform will be up to you and that implementing a clutch pedal system and shifter system will be your responsibility.

Trim Level: Any

All Mk7 GTIs, regardless of the trim, are compatible with the VeeDub ReDub platform. Variations across trims largely pertain to features that don't transfer over to the ReDub, such as adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, and a sunroof.


However, should you opt to retain the GTI's infotainment system, you might want to note that some trim levels offer larger screens. Additionally, while certain trims boast higher factory horsepower, an aftermarket tune can equalize performance across all versions.

Mileage: Under 100k

When selecting your GTI donor, lower mileage is typically better. Engines with fewer miles tend to have less wear and tear, potentially extending the lifespan of the components you'll be using in your VeeDub ReDub project. That said, the Mk7 GTI is generally robust, and many have been known to handle higher mileage quite well. The key is regular and proper maintenance.


So, while we recommend aiming for a donor with under 100,000 miles on the odometer, don't rule out a well-maintained, higher-mileage GTI. Always consider the overall condition and maintenance history in addition to the mileage.

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Locating Your Mk7 GTI Donor

Find your Mk7 GTI donor through online salvage auctions for affordability. Alternatively, for peace of mind, opt for a running GTI from individual sellers or dealerships. Both avenues suit different needs and budgets.

Online Salvage Auctions


Online salvage auctions like Copart and IAAI can yield excellent deals for your VeeDub ReDub project. These platforms auction off vehicles that have sustained damage, often making them unattractive to the average buyer. This is where you can score, as the need for repairs significantly lowers their market value, making this the most affordable route for your build.

When browsing these sites, you'll want to look for vehicles with heavy damage to the rear or sides - damage that deters other potential bidders. Cars with minor front damage can also be considered, but steer clear of those with extensive front damage as this could have affected the powertrain. Flood damaged cars are another category to avoid, as you'll need functional electrical components like the ECM for your project.

Private Sales

Private sales offer pros and cons compared to online salvage auctions. One of the major benefits is the opportunity to inspect and test drive the GTI before purchase. This allows you to ensure the powertrain and electrical systems are functioning, reducing the risk of hidden issues. The downside? You'll likely pay a significantly higher price, as you're purchasing a running, drivable vehicle, not a salvage project.

For private sales, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are excellent platforms to explore. They host a wide variety of used GTIs, allowing you to compare prices and conditions before making your choice. Remember, the key to a successful private purchase is thorough inspection and evaluation.


Purchasing your Mk7 GTI donor from a dealership provides an extra layer of security. Dealerships, being established businesses, have higher accountability than individual sellers, offering you an added peace of mind. However, this added security comes at a higher cost. Dealership prices are typically steeper than those from private sales or salvage auctions.

For those who prefer the dealership route, online platforms like CarGurus and AutoTrader can be great resources. These sites allow you to search for the Mk7 GTI in your region, compare prices, and even view dealership ratings before making a decision.

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