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Decals On: VeeDub ReDub Prototype Stands Out!

When you spot this Beetle, you'll know it's not just any Bug on the road. We wanted our VeeDub ReDub prototype to truly shine and turn heads, so we went for a design inspired by GT racing cars. Bold lettering, a number plate, and distinctive designs, all tweaked to perfection in Photoshop. Here's a peek at our digital design rendering:

Bringing this design to life involved cutting out the vinyl decals with our trusty Cricut Maker 3. Some decals were relatively simple, like the blue "TURBOCHARGED" and the black "VeeDub ReDub" outline. The number plate, "GTI POWER," and "DOYLEMW.COM" decals took a bit more finesse as they involved stacking colors.

And then came the application. Using the Photoshop rendering as a guide, we started placing the decals on the Beetle. It was like seeing our digital design come to life before our eyes. We're thrilled to say it looks just like the rendering!

While there are more final touches to add, the VeeDub ReDub prototype is nearing its road debut. We're excited to continue sharing this journey with you as we get closer to that first drive. Stay tuned!

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