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Welding the Pans into the VeeDub ReDub Prototype

On this prototype we decided to use off the shelf replacement floor pans for a Beetle. These are commonly replaced while restoring a Beetle so we figured they would be a good start for us. On top of being readily available, they already had the body mount rails along the outside and rear so we wouldn't have to fab that section to mate with the body.

It is common knowledge that aftermarket parts sometimes don't fit as well as OEM parts but we found the particular pans we purchased at our local bug shop were a very long way from being immediately usable. It took time but we eventually got the pans to fit well enough to be functional but overall we were not impressed with the parts or the process.

There are higher quality aftermarket pans on the market but we've already begun to design our own floor pans and outer rails. Part of building a prototype is figuring out the areas you want to redesign. You can expect the next prototype of the VeeDub ReDub platform to be different in many places.

While welding in the pans, we did not get any photos so I'll leave you with photos of the finished pan section.

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