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The Rear Subframe of the VeeDub ReDub Prototype

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

The drivetrain and rear suspension of the VeeDub ReDub platform are mounted to a tubular subframe. We made this section removable from the pan section to make assembly easier and to make it possible to drop the engine without removing the Beetle body after the car is assembled.

The four round tubes of the rear subframe attach to the rectangular tubes welded to the back of the tunnel and floor. At the rear of the subframe there are vertical plates that will attach directly to the Beetle body for additional rigidity between the chassis and body.

At this point we did not have the mounts for the engine and transmission welded to the rear subframe. We hadn't finalized the location of the powertrain and wanted to do a test fit with the chassis, powertrain and Beetle body before locking the powertrain in place so the mounts were bolted to the engine and trans first instead of being welded to the subframe.

Another missing feature are two forward supports that will go from the upper subframe tubes down to the floor pan. Originally we designed these supports to be bolt-on pieces but we've figured out a way to have welded supports going forward. This requires a little more trimming of the Beetle body than we originally decided to do but I'll elaborate more on this later when we add the supports.

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