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Taming the GTI's Electrical Beast: Wiring and Components

We've been making some important progress on the VeeDub ReDub prototype. Today, we'll share an update on how we've integrated the GTI's electrical system into the Beetle.

Firstly, we turned our attention to the GTI's interior electrical components, namely the Body Control Module (BCM), infotainment controllers, and the keyless entry and start module. Given the ample space under the hood of the Beetle - also the location of the Beetle's original fuse box and wiring harness - we decided it was the perfect spot for these components.

Next up was the Engine Control Module (ECM) and the powertrain fuse box. These have been placed near the powertrain in our prototype (at the back of our car) to minimize how many wires had to be extended.

As a bonus, today's update photos reveal an early look at our fuel system design. You'll notice we're retaining the stock Beetle fuel tank at the front but at the rear we're including a custom remote tank that will house the GTI fuel pump. We'll share more about the fuel system in a future update.

As always, we appreciate your support and interest in the VeeDub ReDub project. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to transform our Beetle with modern GTI components!

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