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Mk7 GTI Powertrain Placement in Chassis

We have another update to share with you regarding our progress on merging the classic Beetle with the modern Mk7 GTI: we've bolted the Mk7 GTI powertrain into the VeeDub ReDub chassis.

Installing the engine is the first step our customers will complete after receiving the fully assembled roller chassis from Doyle Motor Works. Without the Beetle body installed, the powertrain drops down into the rear cage. The engine and transmission bolt to the upper rear cage tubes, and although not shown, the pendulum mount attaches under the powertrain and to the rear cage.

After the body is installed, the engine and transmission can be removed by unbolting the rear subframe from the chassis and dropping the subframe and powertrain down from the body, eliminating the need to remove the entire body.

Comparing the powertrain placement to the classic Beetle chassis, it's clear that the VeeDub ReDub features a mid-engine layout. This configuration will make the VeeDub ReDub perform like a mid-engine sports car, rather than a tail-heavy Beetle, enhancing the overall driving experience.

As we continue to make strides in the VeeDub ReDub project, we appreciate your ongoing support and interest in our work at Doyle Motor Works. Stay tuned for more updates on the VeeDub ReDub as we continue to innovate and create a unique fusion of classic and modern automotive design.

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Very nice project!


Jim Leonard
Jim Leonard
May 03, 2023

This is looking fantastic!!! Will you be able to integrate the heating and AC from the GTi? How do you plan on routing the cooling system?


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