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Let's Build a Platform

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Early 2022

We decided that we wanted a mid-engine Beetle with modern suspension, big brakes and too much horsepower. Lucky for other guys wanting the same thing, we’re friendly people and chose not to hog all of the fun to ourselves. We had an idea for how to make this Beetle a reality for everybody else.

The idea was that instead of building a one-off mid-engine Beetle for ourselves, we would design and produce a platform that would allow anybody to do their own high performance mid-engine Beetle. Since we were re-inventing the VeeDub platform, we called it the VeeDub ReDub Platform.

There were three main goals when designing the VeeDub ReDub Platform.

  1. We wanted modern suspension designed for a mid-engine sports car.

  2. We wanted a turbocharged engine with decent power potential.

  3. We wanted to make rebuilding a Beetle easier than ever.

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