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It Fits! (Test Fitting the Mk7 GTI Powertrain)

We were anxious for the next step of building the VeeDub ReDub prototype. Installing a powertrain for the first time is always exciting but we weren't sure how challenging the install would be.

It was a tight fit lowering the powertrain into the rear cage. We had to point the transmission down at an angle to get it under the frame rail on the driver's side. Once the transmission was under that tube, the whole powertrain was able to slide toward the driver side and the engine was clear to be lowered down inside the rear cage.

Our Mk7 GTI engine is going to start with the stock 217 horsepower but we'll be throwing a stage 2 tune on it very soon to get over 300whp.

After that we might bolt on the EQT Vortex XL turbocharger waiting on our shelf. Does 500 horsepower sound good to anyone else?

It's probably good that we went with 275s on the rear. Just in case.

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Curious about what other connectors will hold the rear end to the pan?

Adam Doyle
Adam Doyle
Jan 13, 2023
Replying to

There will be braces from the rear cage to the floor of the chassis. They'll be on each side from the rear cage's upper tubes down to the floor straight under the B pillar (in about the same place a roll cage would attach to the floor). On this prototype they will likely be bolt-in braces but in the future, these will be part of the chassis.

Also, the rear cage attaches to the Beetle body on each side just behind the centerline of the rear tires.


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