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VeeDub ReDub

Modern Features for the Classic Beetle

The VeeDub ReDub platform keeps the iconic Beetle look while delivering greatly improved performance and a more modern feel.

Check out some of the modern upgrades you'll get by using the VeeDub ReDub platform in your Beetle build.

Modern Suspension

The 1940s called and they want their suspension back.


The VeeDub Redub Platform replaces the Beetle's antique torsion spring suspension with modern double wishbone suspension.

Full feature list:

  • Lotus Elise inspired geometry

  • Tubular control arms with MOOG outer ball joints and adjustable inner rod ends

  • CNC machined aluminum knuckles

  • Adjustable QA1 coilovers

  • Off-the-shelf bearing hubs, tie rods and manual steering rack

  • Front sway bar with three adjustment levels


Modern Powertrain

Say goodbye to carburetors, distributors and valve adjustments. We're using a modern VW engine now.

The VeeDub Redub Platform is designed specifically to use a Mk7 GTI engine and DSG transmission. Stock power is decent but throw a stage 2 tune at it and you'll be over 300 horsepower.


  • 2.0 liter turbocharged EA888 from the Mk7 VW GTI

  • 217-227 horsepower stock, over 300 with stage 2 tune

  • Dual clutch DSG transmission with tap shift



Modern Interior

We're upgrading the interior of the Beetle by reusing more than just the engine from the GTI.

Note: Features will vary depending on the Mk7 GTI donor. Please check for these options before purchasing the donor.

Features retained from GTI donor car:

  • Steering wheel with tap shift and media controls

  • Steering column with tilt and telescopic adjustments

  • Infotainment with Android Auto and Apple Car Play

  • Push button start with VW KESSY system

golf infotainment screen_edited.jpg
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