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The VeeDub Redub

Re-engineering the classic Beetle

Price and pre-order information will be announced in April


Out with the old.
In with the new.

Toss out your old rusty Beetle pan. It's time to build your Bug on the VeeDub Redub Platform.

Designed to mate with any classic Beetle body. The rear luggage tray does require trimming.

No rust removal, welding or refreshing required.

Delivered fully assembled, aligned and adjusted. Just add a GTI powertrain and your Beetle body.

How it works

Classic Form.
Modern Function.

It might look like a classic Beetle on the outside but we've packed a lot of modern features inside.

body test fit rear_edited.jpg

About Us

We're Bug guys with a history in producing kit cars. We're combining our VW passion with our kit car expertise to make Beetle projects more attainable.

To check out our kit car, head to DF Kit Car.


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