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VeeDub ReDub Prototype 1 from the right front

Build Your Own Head-Turning Mid-Engine Turbocharged Beetle

We Make It Possible, You Make It Yours.

Our pre-assembled platform opens the gateway to your own turbocharged, mid-engine Beetle, bridging the gap between dream and reality.

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Prototype 1 Photo Gallery

Take a visual journey through the creation of our VeeDub ReDub! Witness the evolution from concept to reality.


Classic Looks.
Modern Drive.

Discover the VeeDub ReDub platform, featuring modern suspension and disc brakes. Designed to seamlessly integrate Mk7 GTI running gear and a Beetle body for an exceptional driving experience.

decals installed on VeeDub ReDub prototype 1 right rear view.jpg

Green Light Special

Exclusive Pre-Order Savings

$14,495 MSRP

About Us

We're Bug guys with a history in producing kit cars. We're combining our VW passion with our kit car expertise to make Beetle projects more attainable.

To check out our kit car, head to DF Kit Car.

VeeDub ReDub Prototype 1 from the left rear

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