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What is the VeeDub ReDub?

The VeeDub ReDub platform is a modern alternative to the classic VW chassis. The platform features upgraded suspension and is designed to use a modern powertrain and modern tech while still fitting under the classic Beetle body with the luggage tray area removed. 

Note: Other versions of the VeeDub ReDub platform are on the way for fiberglass buggy bodies, kit cars and replicas. Stay tuned for future releases.

What's in a build?

You'll need three major components to complete your VeeDub ReDub project: the Beetle, the donor GTI and the VeeDub ReDub roller chassis.

1. The Beetle Body

You have to have a Beetle to build a Beetle. The good news is that the one down the street with the rusted out pan, crusty suspension, and no engine will be perfect as long as the body is in reparable condition.

2. Mk7 GTI

You'll be harvesting and reusing many pieces from a Mk7 VW GTI donor. We recommend getting a salvage GTI at an auction site like or


3. VeeDub ReDub

This is where we come in. Our VeeDub ReDub platform is delivered as a roller with all of the suspension assembled and aligned. We even install and bleed the brakes for you too.

platform right front corner simple g_edi
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