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Our Platform is Your Starting Point

Whether you're rebuilding a Beetle, assembling a replica or doing your own custom project car, you need a good starting point. We're working to provide that starting point for as many people as possible.


What is a platform?

A platform is a rolling chassis for you to build your project car on top of. The frame is powder coated and fully assembled. The suspension is bolted on and aligned. The brakes are installed and plumbed. The engine and transmission are not supplied.

*Prototype shown. Final version will differ.

body test fit rear.jpg

When will the first platform be available?

As of early 2023, Prototype 1 is still in development. This is our first prototype of the VeeDub ReDub, a platform designed specifically to fit the classic VW Beetle body.

Orders for the VeeDub ReDub will open soon.


Will there be more platforms?

We will develop other platforms after finalizing the VeeDub ReDub platform. Our current plans include developing platforms for the Karmann Ghia, 356 replicas, fiberglass buggies and other VW bodies. 

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