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About Us


With a history in VW Beetles and years of experience manufacturing kit cars, the Doyle's are developing a platform to make Beetle builds and custom projects easier to complete.

adam and lonny dirt track bug 4 by 3.jpg

Our Beetle History

Lonny grew up working in his family's VW transmission business and ended up driving, modifying and racing Beetles at the drag strip and circle tracks.

His son Adam inherited the interest in Beetles. He got his first Beetle as a 14th birthday present and raced a dirt track Beetle in high school.

Manufacturing Kit Cars

In 2014, Lonny and Adam decided to build a custom mid-engine, open-wheel car. One thing led to another and the project turned into a kit car company called DF Kit Car.

Using what they've learned with the kit car, Lonny and Adam will be able to design and produce platforms that are affordable and versatile.

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